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News 2015

After the release of Canal de Panama, un siècle d'histoires published by the Éditions Glénat, Marc de Banville is giving many conferences about the Panama Canal History.

  • Our Image database participated in the iconography of the French book Canal de Panama, un siècle d'histoires published by the Éditions Glénat, written by Marc de Banville. Book has be released in November, 2014.
  • Canal Valley Editions will launch some new books in digital edition. We will be present at the different Panama Book Fairs.

Canal Valley Editions

Canal Valley Editions
Our books :

French Canal

Couverture de Canal Français
French Canal, the Illustrated Adventure of The French in Panama (1880-1904) confirms its reference work status on the French period of the Panama Canal excavation. This first English edition is translated from the French Second Edition, published in 2012 in French, Spanish and English. This full color, 192 pages book is written in a clear and concise style, contains over 150 illustrations, and a folded map.

Available in all good bookshops in Panama and in the French Alliance.

Available for delivery in Europe at and in the rest of the world on Amazon.

A digital version of French Canal, designed for e-readers as kindle and Kobo will be released in 2014.

For quantity orders, please contact us.

Philippe, novela

Couverture de Philippe, novela
Philippe, novela is Marc de Banville's first novel. It is a novellized biography of French engineer Philippe Bunau-Varilla, controversial key character in the Panama Canal history. In this novel published in Spanish in 2009, the author adds to the polical thriller surrounding the transition of the French canal works to the US some love stories and a bit of magic realism.

Available in all good Panama bookshops..

Available for international delivery at Amazon.

Ebook versions of Philippe in French and Spanish designed for Kindle and Kobo will be released in 2014.

For quantity orders, please contact us.

The Digital Editions

In 2014, Canal Valley Editions is getting digital, with ebook versions of our printed books, designed for Kindle, Kobo and tablets e-readers. We will also release new titles exclusively for our digital readers.

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Marc de Banville

International TV reporter and historian, Marc de Banville organizes expositions, seminaries and conferences in different countries. He speaks French, Spanish and English.

Conferences :

Panama Canal History

Marc de Banville studied History in the Bordeaux Montaigne University. In 1990 he got to live in Panama, thus discovering the isthmus history, which soon fascinated him as the canal linked French and Panamanian histories. He then began to collect books, documents, pictures related to the Canal history. In 2004, he published in Panama the French version of French Canal, which became a success, confirmed by the following year release of the Spanish version. In 2009, his historical novel Philippe is also published in Spanish, before the 2012 second edition of French Canal released for the first time in English.

In 2013, Marc de Banville is exposition commissary for the Canal de Panama, un rêve français in la Maison des Amériques Latines of Paris.

Since 2001, Marc de Banville has given scores of conferences about the Panama Canal History, in the Isthmus as well as in France. To organize such a conference, please contact us.

TV Journalism Conferences:

International Reporter

Marc de Banville studied journalism in the CFJ, Centre de Formation des Journalistes in Paris, with an ENG speciality, all-in-one journalist, cameraman and director. Immediadtely after gaduation in 1989, Marc went to work with TF1 correspondent in Latin America. From Miami, and later Panama, he covered the news and conflicts in the region, shooting daily news and feature reports. In 1992, he went back to Europe as staff journalist in French feature reports agency CAPA, first in the Barcelona office and then Paris headquarters. He directed tens of feature reports all over the world, broadcasted in the most famous feature reports programs in France, such as Envoyé Spécial, Zone Interdite, Reportages, Thalassa, Arte Reportages, Théma.

In 1999, Marc de Banville resigned in order to settle again in Panama as a free-lance reporter. He would cover from there the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as well as Latin America.

Since 2012, Marc de Banville is focused on writing, for edition and fiction, but shares his knowledge and enthusiasm about TV reporting organizing special sessions and seminaries for professionnals or advanced students.

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Historic Pictures Databank

Historic Pictures Databank

Our digital pictures databank contains more than a thousand high-resolution documents related to the Panama Canal History. As specialists of the Panama Canal memorabilia, our documents were published in many different books and documentaries. See an example.

Professionnal TV Services

Professionnal TV Services

You need to rent professionnal video equipment in Panama? Looking for a team to shoot some footage? Canal Valley can provide you those services or find the professionnal for you, in Panama or the region. See some of our videos.

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